Can I use Mana for all three meals of the day?

As title. And if I do so, how is it gonna affect the digest system and excretion, if there will still be any?

Hi! Yes, you can replace any or all of your regular diet with Mana. Some of our customers have lived exclusively on Mana for up to 100 days, with positive feedback from their doctors.

When starting to drink Mana, some consumers have reported an initial phase of bloating or irregular digestion. Whether you experience this will depend on several factors, including your previous eating habits, as well as how much of your food intake you decide to replace with Mana. Initial complications are usually related to Mana’s high protein and fibre content. If you plan on making Mana more than just a snack, we recommend integrating it into your diet over the course of a week or so.

Your body should adjust quickly, but we recommend taking your time. In case of bloating or irregular digestion, you can take a digestive aid such as Pangrol. If you have any doubts, or if difficulties persist, stop consuming Mana and consult a physician.

I, for example, did experience digestive irregularities for the first week, but then my body adjusted and now it is fine.

Excretion should be normal!

I been eating Mana over 100 days and still putting weight on … thats a good news for a skinny guy