How to avoid clumping?

Good evening,

sometimes the ManaPowder clumps a bit and doen’t resolve in water so good. Any tips to avoids this?

I find a steel shaker ball better than the plastic mesh at the top of some shakers. But its still not perfect - less clumps and smaller too. The only way you’ll get perfect is with a blender I’d think.


thank you for your comments :slight_smile: If you have lumps in Mana or it does not mix perfectly, then we recommend that you first add the powder into the bottle, which is good to shake separately in the bottle, so that any larger lumps are broken in advance, and then pour water over it. Subsequently, the Mana needs to be shaken thoroughly for about 30 seconds, both vertically and from side to side. Then we recommend letting the prepared Mana stand for about 3 minutes. Lumps should no longer form in this way.

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Kristyna and Team Mana

Interesting - don’t think I’ve seen anyone recommend any MR to be powder first - will give it a try…