Initial Review of Origin Mark 5 Powder

I have been shopping around for awhile on meal replacement shakes and decided to give Mana a try. I liked their pricing and the fact each serving is 400 calories, unlike some “meal replacement” shakes that have less than 200 calories a serving.


I went ahead and ordered the Mana kit for 69 USD as it said it shipped within 24 hours and offered continental free shipping. Neither of those happened.

I ordered it on Sunday, May 17th and had to pay 10 dollars in shipping. I did not get a “shipped” e-mail until May 20th, but it really hadn’t shipped. They had created the shipping label and it had sat in the warehouse for an additional day before it actually shipped. So from order to actual ship date it was 4 days, 4 times longer than the promised “ships within 24 hours”.

I also understand everything going on in the world right now may delay shipping, but after clicking on their COVID-19 banner, it seemed shipping would still be fulfilled within 24 hours. Here is the clipped portion from the COVID-19 response page.

Continental shipping is still free, and orders are still expedited within one business day after they are placed. Standard delivery time is up to 10 days from the date of shipping, but some orders may be delayed due to unexpected changes in the operations of our couriers. After your order is expedited from our warehouse, you should receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number from the relevant courier service.

Overall, the shipping experience was drawn out and I had to pay for shipping which was a bummer. If shipping isn’t free during these times, it should be properly updated on your website. Not the end of the world, I understand this is real life and things happen, not a huge deal.

I received my package on 5/26, 9 days after ordering, so overall not a horrible length of time but had it actually shipped in 24 hours I would have received it in less than half that time.

Initial Thoughts and Taste Test

The powder itself smells really pleasant, it’s inviting. The mix-ability is pretty good. Very small chunks were left over after shaking for less than 30 seconds in a protein shaker. The taste didn’t match the smell, but it wasn’t a bad thing. The taste is simple, rather oat-like. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming. Very neutral. I appreciate this fact, it doesn’t feel like you are drinking anything other than quality sustenance. Doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste and it’s smooth going down the gullet. The consistency is just right I would say with the recommended 300 ml of water. It’s not too thick, but not too thin. Not gritty and very uniform through-out. It sated my hunger and did not leave me feeling bloated and it felt like I had consumed an actual meal. No negative side effects or gut issues so far.

Plans and Usage

I plan on using Mana as a true meal replacement for most of my meals, if not exclusively for a few weeks. I plan on making another order, though it appears I still have to pay for shipping, regardless of the “free continental shipping” on the product page.

I plan on updating this post as I continue to use and evaluate Mana.

My Rating So Far

Site Usability and Ordering: 8/10
Shipping: 3/10
Value: 8/10
Taste: 8/10

Overall 6.75/10

Conclusion to Initial Thoughts

Website is clean and easy to use. Shipping was not free, even though it stated it was free. Shipping times took much longer than 24 hours. Even allowing an extra day because I ordered on a Sunday night, it still took much longer than 24 hours to actually ship. Actual product after arrival seems very good. Easy to mix, easy to drink. Very Neutral taste.

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Hey there Ghrost, thanks for the detailed review. I am sorry about the unexpected shipping payment and delayed fulfillment time. Once in a while an order gets “stuck” with our distributor and gets expedited a little later than usual. I talked to our customer service about this and they said that if you email them at, they’ll do what they can to make it right.