Let us know what you think of Origin Powder Mark 5 here

Lets us know what do you think about latest Drink & Powder Mark 5 formula. Those who have tried MK5, please add your experiences here! Thanks!

Thanks for getting rid of the oil! Now it really is a clean solution, because the oil bottle always was a little leaky when opened.

The taste is good, but I prefer the Mana Drink because of the consistency.

Thank you for the feedback! Despite the late reply, it has not gone unnoticed :slight_smile:

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The drink is fine for me, the original no-taste taste in fact. I’ve tried the Sunlight version, but the Origin taste is a must for me.

We just released Origin Powder Mark 6! Have you tried that yet?

I just tried Mark 5 (In the US) and I found the texture really gritty. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. May sound silly to ask, but are you sure the proportions are correct (86 g or 2 scoops of powder + 300 ml water or other liquid)? We generally recommend vigorous shaking in order to eliminate clumps. Blending also tends to result in smoother textures. By vigorous shaking or blending, I almost always get a smooth mix with the standard 2 scoops + 300 ml. If you are making bigger portions than that, try the standard and see what happens. Let us know if that helps!

So I had been doing smaller portions just to try it.

I just tried the larger 300ml portion. I ended up getting worse clumping (I think from packing down the scoop) and even after 5 minutes of very vigorous shaking I still had clumps.

But more than the clumps the overall drink that has mixed up still has a really powdery/gritty texture to me like the powder is just sitting in the water and not actually dissolving even if it’s been distributed. If that makes sense.

I was really hoping to avoid having to blend it.

Hmmmm. One more thing to try is to shake the powder by itself in the bottle before putting the liquid in, then add the liquid and shake vigorously, then set it aside for 3 mins and shake vigorously again. Since we combined the oil and powder, the substances sometimes take a little longer to mix. If this still doesn’t work, I’m afraid it’ll have to be mixed with either a blender, or a shaker with the special little “mixing ball” inside. Though different people have reported different results, we are generally aware of the “clumping” issue and have taken steps to improve it with our new recipe…coming soon to the U.S. Let me know if these techniques work any better. Thanks.

It helped a little to wait but it was still really grainy and I even tried sending it through a strainer (which got rid of clumps) but the texture was still really grainy.

The US site has a 30-day money back garuntee - can I please get that?

Yes, correct. The best thing to do in this case would be to write our customer service dept. at magic@drinkmana.com and they can walk you through the process. Hope we can make it right.

I tried to send an email but I got an undeliverable response instead.

Strange. In that case, try podpora@mojemana.cz. Explain what happened and be sure to mention that you are in the U.S.