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So… I just bought and tried the Dream flavour in a big hope to discover something amazing. It certainly was new, yet the anticipation that went into it was too big. I ended up a little disappointed. The first sip was really interesting as the microcr. celulose makes it all mushy and viscous, but the second sip revealed a little bitter ending deep in my throat as I swallowed. Then, after the swallow, when I breathed out, an unpleasant vomit-like taste spread from the back of my tongue. It was all camouflaged by this weird sweet tint, which probably made it worse… but the cocoa felt good. I don’t feel like my experience is telling anything, because I carry a strong distaste for artificial sweeteners, but maybe people who are used to their taste would enjoy it.
I would really appreciate a version for those who are interested in nutrition and not the taste, a version with no sweeteners or emulgators… I can swallow anything and enjoy even the most distasteful things when I know it contains only good stuff, but knowing that the sucralose is inside made it 10x worse for me. (I am aware that the official statement on it is “SAFE”, but Aspartame was also safe and look where we ended erhm erhm cancer)


Thank you for your opinion. However, taste is very subjective.
In the development phase of Mana, we tested a large number of sweeteners. The taste of Mana was based on a panel evaluation of many taste variants (selection based on the best point score). We try to be as taste-neutral as possible. The amount of sucralose in a daily portion of Mana is significantly below the established maximum per day. Sucralose is one of the safest sweeteners ever, with the best taste of all the sweeteners we tested. According to clinical studies, a completely safe daily dose of sucralose is up to 15 mg (0.015 g) per kg body weight. Mana is created by a team of experts in the fields of food chemistry, food analysis, nutritional biochemistry, organic chemistry and molecular biology, and developed according to the recommendations of EFSA and WHO.
Right now we are serving our Mark 6 recipe, which has a richer nutritional composition, i.e. a wider spectrum of macro and micronutrients. Take a look here: https://drink-mana.com/products/mana-powder-mark6-origin
Give it a try! And thank you for the feedback. We are always looking for new ways to improve our product. Follow us on social media so you won’t miss anything.

Best regards,
Maria, Mana

Did you order Dream from a 3rd-party vendor? It hasn’t been on sale through our website for quite some time, as it is part of our previous generation of products (Mark 5). Our latest generation of products, Mark 6, takes into account all the feedback that we received regarding Mark 5, both in terms of taste and nutrition. The bitter flavor you mentioned is indeed part of what we corrected with Mark 6. Moreover, our new drinks are also smoother, lighter, and less thick or “mushy.” If you’re still out to find a good cocoa-flavored meal replacement, try our new Choco flavor. It’s not just a corrected version of Dream but a new cocoa-infused food altogether.

Oh yeah. It was a third party vendor. I was thinking, though, and i am afraid that I will not be able to overcome my fear of potential unrevealed dangers of the sucralose sweetener. Even the slightest distaste will get attributed to it and I will not be able to enjoy the product.
I myself am not really a fan of sweet stuff, anyway, so I would say, that i would still rather have a non-sweetened alternative.
Despite all of that, i will try the mark 6 just to explore your improvements.

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