Mana color/flavour suggestion

Can someone explain to me, why is there no blue version of mana?
Like there are millions of video games that use ‘mana’ for whatever purpose, and it is blue in 99% of them.
It seems like a perfect opportunity to get some blue edition of Mana out, flavour it blueberry or however you want, and sell it like that.


thank you for your comment :slight_smile:
The name of our product is derived from the Old Testament food Mana and our main vision is to develop and produce plant products with the least possible impact on our environment. We currently offer two flavors - Origin and Choco. We do not rule out that we will release other flavors in the future. In the meantime, you can make blue Mana yourself with a few ingredients, like the blueberries you mentioned. Furthermore, you can create any flavor by adding fruit, honey, cinnamon, coffee, or other ingredients. Use this link to find various tips for flavoring Mana Mana_Recipes – Mana™ | Europe. But thank you for your interesting suggestion. We will pass it on to our R&D department, which is constantly engaged in the development and improvement of our products.

Best regards,
Kristyna and Team Mana