Mana drink with coffee


Personally I use Mana for breakfast and during lunch on weekdays. I find it to be time saving and a healthy alternative to snacks and most lunches that you can buy around the office.

However a caffeinated Mana drink would help immensely, especially in the mornings.
Is there anything on the drawing boards to that note with the Mana Company? Does anyone else in the Mana Community feel this way?

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Hi Jelle! Thank you for your question and sorry for the late response. Been a busy holiday period here. To give you an answer, we are aware of the demand for such a drink, and are considering doing something like that, but have recently been occupied with the release of the Mana Burger and Mark 6 of Mana Powder Origin. We will certainly make an announcement if and when we release something like that. It might be a while though, because if we do it, we’ll want to do it top-notch, which means tons of testing. I would encourage you to try Mark 6 in the meantime. Thank you very much for your patience and patronage :slight_smile:

I do instant coffee powder + Mana Origin. Tastes great.

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Absolutely right. The taste is great. Adding coffee to Mana origin makes the ideal breakfast: it is quick, healthy and tasteful. Try it with real coffee, it is even better.