Quality of packaging worse than before

Hello, at first I wanted to say that I really like the product itself, I keep getting back to Mana even after trying different brands with similar products.

My question is though why did the powder packaging (pouch) get so much WORSE.

  1. The plastic material that you started to use recently is UNRECYCLABLE.
    I believe that part of Mana’ s arguments is less waste etc. - so why on earth did you switch to combined plastic that is not possible to be recycled? Is there any explanation to this? For me, this is one of few reasons that are turning me away from the product no matter what the quality of the powder is. Why you cannot use fully recyclable (and ideally recycled) material, when you keep saying Mana is a mission for you? Is the price of the packaging the only thing the company cares about?

  2. The quality of the package is very questionable. Since the pouch has been changed, I get prox. 3 pouches per box with badly sealed bottom, meaning that the bottom corners are a bit opened, the powder is everywhere in the box making all sticky and dirty and the powder itself is getting moist in the pouch which I believe is also shortening the shelf life of the product. Why such a bad quality?

  3. The zipper on the package is also of poor quality and after several uses does not even close properly again.

Since I got the first box with these bad pouches during the covid19 lockdown period when you were commenting on high demand, I though that you maybe had to switch to alternative packaging provider and it is a temporary thing. After another order I can see that it is not.

Please, at least CHANGE the MATERIAL. A company like you should be attempting to be sustainable and be the leading example!

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Hello Eva,

thank you very much for your favor and we are very happy that you are satisfied with Mana! :slight_smile:

The bags of Mana we currently use consist of 3 layers, referred to as PET / PETMET / PE. The designation PET is used for polyethylene terephthalate, PET / MET for polyethylene terephthalate with atomized aluminum and PE for polyethylene. This type of packaging is not currently recycled in the Czech Republic. However, this does not mean that it is not generally recyclable or otherwise usable. By throwing our used bags into a recycling container for plastic, it is possible to at least increase the probability that they will be used energetically, for example in the production of cement, where aluminum content is also used, which is built into the clinker structure.

We used to have a problem with the bags bursting at the bottom. This was caused by a combination of packaging and transport. It is still possible that this could happen exceptionally now, but the main problem with the quality of the packaging has already been solved by our quality department and should not be common.Can you please email us at magic@drink-mana.com and send us photo of these damaged pouches and the LOT number that is written on the bottom of the bag? We would solve the problem to your satisfaction.

We will forward on all your feedback to our technology department, which is constantly working to improve our products. Feedback from our customers is very important to us and we thank you very much for it :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Kristyna, Mana

Hello Kristyna, thanks for your reaction!

And thanks for additional info.

What I would still like to hear is why the company switched from recyclable packaging to this one - what was the exact reason?
As far as I know, this type of packaging, combining plastic and metal layer, is not being recycled in general in any country, since there is no effective way of separating the layers. Therefore these types of packaging (most of coffee bags, “chips” bags, dog&cat food pouches) are supposed to be thrown away into residual trash (the rules are the same in Netherlands where I live and in a lot of other places I have been to).

I am not sure about your proposal to put these bags into the plastic waste, since as far as my knowledge goes, anything that is put into incorrect waste is complicating the whole process - it needs to be sorted again, either by technology, machine or workers. I believe that if any proper use of this type of material would be possible, it would be indicated on the packages that you can put them in the plastic waste. So I doubt that is true, but I might try to find more info about this.

One way or another, this material is perhaps the worst choice possible (based on my knowledge), and unless there is some very specific technological reason for the choice, I do not understand why a progressive company decided to go against the common trend towards sustainability. This is a step backwards.
Wouldn’ t it be better to try to find the most sustainable solution possible? Shouldn’ t that be a part of MANA’s mission as well? If one person will stop buying your product because of the packaging change, it will not change anything for you, but I believe you should care about all the sides of your product and all it’s impacts…

Thanks for asking about the bursting pouches, I cannot provide any photos now (those are already gone), if the same issue will appear again, I will contact you, thanks.

Best regards
Eva Tajovska

Hello Eva,

thank you for your response. When taken together, the barrier properties of the individual PET / PET MET / PE layers of our packaging better separate the product from the external environment. Thanks to this we are able to guarantee a shelf life that is 50% longer than it would be if we just used single-layer packaging.

Mana contains a number of substances with beneficial antioxidant effects on the human body, which also help preserve the product. However, neither PET or PE 100% prevents the exchange of atmospheric oxygen between the inner bag and the outer environment. And because of this oxygen exchange during storage, the antioxidant effect of a number of substances would be depleted and at the same time valuable essential fatty acids would lose their nutritive value, and would be oxidized to hydroperoxide, which would for example increase oxidative stress in cell membranes. Therefore, a metal layer is included in the package, which has the best oxygen transfer barrier properties.

We feel it is our responsibility to take these science facts into account during the production of ManaPowder and to allow customers to benefit from the unique composition of our product throughout its storage period. At the same time, thanks to its shelf life, customers have the opportunity to purchase Mana in larger quantities and less often, which leads to more efficient transport and less environmental impact.

Best regards,
Mana team